Abdul Ilyas: From Warehouse Worker to £5 Million in Sales Before 21 Years Old

Abdul Ilyas: From Warehouse Worker to £5 Million in Sales Before 21 Years Old

Abdul Ilyas isn't your typical 21 year old . Actually he's far from it. The British Marketing Leader, who in under 3 years was able to generate over £5 Million worth of business to his various business ventures using a unique set of marketing strategies, credits a large part of his success to something that happened to him when he was 15 years old. At a young age, Abdul Ilyas recalls being at a supermarket and his Mum refusing to buy him a video game. What seemed like a small incident at the time, taught him a valuable lesson: Nothing is given to you, you need to go for it. And that's what he did.

At the age of 16, Abdul Ilyas was already trading FIFA coins and selling them to friends and on eBay. At the age 18 Abdul Ilyas was also selling protein shakes and making extra cash to pay for his expenses.Between the age of 18-19, Mr. Ilyas, had many jobs including working at an apprenticeship for £2.80 p/hr, food factories in freezing conditions, 14-hour night shifts at DHL warehouse and finally at Rolls Royce where he realized that there Is no freedom In a 9-5 job. During this time Mr. Ilyas had become a gambling addict and ended up in £30k debt. This made him realize that he should stop betting on football players. Instead he should bet on himself.

Fast forward to today and Mr. Ilyas’s life has totally changed – for the better. After realizing his skills in marketing and closing deals, Abdul saw an opportunity to offer his strategies to businesses around the world. Now, he is helping people around the world start their own marketing agencies and make money online.

Abdul’s life mission? Help 1 million people to overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve a life beyond limits. Abdul’s passion and energy toward his work is evident when hearing him speak at one of the many events he participates on a yearly basis.To be specific, when talking about marketing, Abdul Ilyas doesn't mince words:

"When it comes to sales, we don't need to change the fundamentals of selling but instead, we must find ways to implement new technologies that are out there and apply them into the current sales process, which then allows us to help entrepreneurs build a powerful relationship between them and their customers effectively."

At such a young age, Mr Ilyas’s drive and passion towards his trade is contagious. And at the rate he's going, he might just impact those 1 million people faster than we all think.

To connect with Abdul Ilyas and keep up with his latest projects, visit his instagram Here Instagram.com/cashmemarketin.